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Verve Energy Drink Review – How Does it Stack Up to Other Energy Drinks?

21 Oct Posted by in Tweet Posts | Comments

Verve Energy Drink Review – How Does it Stack Up to Other Energy Drinks?

An active life demands a great drink. Whether you use them on a daily basis to improve your performance and ensure you are at your best for every practice or training session or you use them on certain occasions when you need a special boost, Verve Energy Drink promises to deliver every single time. The question is not whether it is effective, but what it has that makes it better than any other energy boosting drink.

The first thing you will notice about Verve is that it has a much better taste than most other drinks. It has a fresh fruity flavor that most people find rather enjoyable, but it also tends to kick in with a nice surge of energy quite a bit faster than many others. You don’t have to take drink a Verve Energy Drink hours in advance just to ensure you have the juice flowing through your veins when you need it most.

Yet, the most beneficial element of Verve Energy Drink is the ingredient list. The label is often the downfall of these drinks because they are packed full of things that are far from healthy for an athlete’s body. The biggest downfall is sugar and partially hydrogenated fats, but you will find very little of that with Verve. The original drink contains only 18 grams of sugar and there is a sugar free Verve Energy Drink now on the market.

The sugar free drink is far superior to all other competitors because not only does it do away with this harmful ingredient while still tasting great, but it also only has 4 calories per serving!

So, what are the other ingredients in Verve Energy Drinks? There are a variety of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in every can, including some of the most effective ingredients commonly used in natural anti-aging products and vitamin supplements.

Vitamins C and E

Vitamin C is essential to boost your immune system and help your body fight off illness. Vitamin E is essential to maintaining a youthful body and fighting off free radicals which can turn into cancer and other diseases. Verve Energy Drinks contain high doses of both of these essential vitamins.

Folic Acid

If your body is deficient in folic acid you are likely to be anemic and run very low on energy. Women are also being advised now to take a folic acid supplement if they are of childbearing age, since a deficiency during the initial phases of pregnancy can lead to neural tube birth defects. While energy drinks are not safe during pregnancy, this is a powerful addition to the energy boosting aspects of this drink and can help younger women get adequate amounts of folic acid prior to pregnancy.

Organic Green Tea Blend

Green tea is a powerful natural source of antioxidants commonly used for increased energy and body metabolism as well as for skin care. This is one of the most powerful antioxidants proven to keep your body young and energetic, so it is a great addition to this drink.

There are very few energy drinks currently on the market which can compete with the health benefits of a Verve Energy Drink. They either contain too much sugar or they take took long to start kicking in.

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