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Q&A: Need help on energy drinks for running?

18 May Posted by in Tweet Posts | 1 comment

Question by Tyler: Need help on energy drinks for running?
How do energy drinks effect the body? How would it differ from an athlete to a non-athlete? Are energy drinks good for sprints? long distance? both? or niether? Please answer with detail and length!

Best answer:

Answer by Kaelin J
No energy drinks are not good for any of those, it’s best to eat carbs for energy for competitions, anything sports related. It’s different fro athletes and non athletes because the main purpose of an energy drink for anyone is to keep them awake, athletes want to get energy out of them but really all they do is keep them awake while non athletes just want to be awake.

They effect the body because they introduce a lot of sugar into your system which makes your body get all excited for a little bit until it wares off, then you experience a crash, which pretty much means you are very tired. The reason for this is because it released all of this sugar to your at once instead of in equal amounts to keep you awake and it just cuts cold turkey on you leaving you to fall asleep at any moment.

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