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Know What?s in Your Energy Drink

19 Nov Posted by in Tweet Posts | Comments
energy drink
by lergik

Know What?s in Your Energy Drink

Know What’s in Your Energy Drink

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Home Page > Health > Nutrition > Know What’s in Your Energy Drink

Know What’s in Your Energy Drink

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Posted: Aug 01, 2008 |Comments: 0




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Know What’s in Your Energy Drink

By: Lyla Feldman

About the Author

Lyla Feldman writes articles about striving towards a healthy lifestyle. Some of her favorite passions include writing about energy drinks and natural sleep aids.

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Article Source: – Know What’s in Your Energy Drink

We all know what it feels like to get no sleep over the weekend and show up to work Monday morning in a zombie like state.  No amount of coffee will do the trick.  Your eyes start to close, you can’t concentrate, and all you want to do is crawl into bed.  Well, you may be able to take a power nap during lunch if you have that luxury.  Most likely, you are still required to perform and give that speech to a room full of inquiring minds.  What can you do to keep from falling asleep at your desk?


Energy drinks have become more and more common in the past few years.  So, what exactly is in a typical energy drink?  We are going to explore the different types of ingredients commonly found in today’s best selling energy drinks.  Let’s begin in consecutive order with caffeine topping the list, a stimulant drug and a mild diuretic which is the most widely used psychoactive substance.  Next up is Taurine, a 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid, an organic acid which has been shown to alleviate muscle fatigue in rats, increases exercise capacity.  It’s also an important part of a cat’s diet and a requirement in cat food because felines are unable to create their own. 


Ginseng is a plant, the roots are commonly consumed in North America and Asia as adaptogens, aphrodisiacs, stimulants, as well as for the treatment of type II diabetes and male sexual dysfunction.  Guarana, from the seeds of the guarana plant contain 3 times the caffeine of a coffee bean.  In Brazil, drinks containing this largely outsell soft drinks.  Recent research has shown that it boosts memory and physical endurance in rats, with human studies showing that lower doses increase memory, alertness, and mood. 


With Ginkgo, blood flow and memory improvement seem to be the most prevalent suggested affects, though the amounts included in drinks are so random that it doesn’t have any effect.  Gingko L Carnitine is a quaternary ammonium compound which aids in fat consumption and disposal in the body.  Synthesized in the liver and kidneys, it’s also found in many other foods – meats, beans, vegetables, fruits, and grains.  Inositol is a nutrient that aids in regulating the central nervous system.  So, now you have a little bit more knowledge about what your energy drink of choice may contain and you will make the best choice for you!











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(ArticlesBase SC #505524)

Lyla Feldman
About the Author:

Lyla Feldman writes articles about striving towards a healthy lifestyle. Some of her favorite passions include writing about energy drinks and natural sleep aids.


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