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What does 5 hour energy drink do to your body?

28 Oct Posted by in Tweet Posts | Comments

Question by cakekid: What does 5 hour energy drink do to your body?
Ive seen this ad about 5 hour energy drink, but were does the energy come from when it hardly has any calories in it. Im thinking about takeing a sip of it every morning to stay awake but i dont know the after effects or what it does to my body. Im 16 and i really need something to keep myself awake and alert in class.

Best answer:

Answer by Will
Those drinks are terrible, and are made for tired adults to relieve stress at work. But the wide effects are nothing; it’s just terrible for you. I suggest you drink tea, which is very healthy and contains a bit of caffeine to keep you awake. Don’t drink it everyday, though. tea keeps you awake for more than 5 hours, so that’s what I’m saying.

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