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Stealth DNA May Control Aging

06 Nov Posted by in Tweet Posts | Comments

Coca-Cola and Effect energy drink
energy drink
Image by tskdesign
I’m getting to be an energy fiend again. This time there’s no more coffee experimenting. I’ve found something that works better. Coca-Cola and Effect. Cola in a can, because it just tastes better right out of metal and Effect because it’s just as good as Burn (energy drink from Coca-Cola) but at half the price.

Stealth DNA May Control Aging
Research on Amish people reveals a link between a rare genetic pattern and healthy aging. Most scientists who study human longevity search for genes that determine who is most likely to make it to age 100. Researchers at the University of Miami are taking a different approach: They’re studying the genes that allow people to stay healthy into old age.
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Change Your Clock, Change Your Filter, Change Your Life
— Small changes can make a big difference in your day, as you know if you’ve ever forgotten to adjust your clocks when Daylight Saving Time ends in the fall.
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Change Your Clock, Change Your Filter, Change Your Life
LOUISVILLE, Ky.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Remember to turn back the clocks on Nov. 7 — and use the time change as a reminder to make another important change: replace your water filter.
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‘Coke in fizz over Relentless sign’
Global drinks giant Coca-Cola is threatening to take a small restaurant to court over the printing on its sign. The firm claims the Relentless Steak & Lobster House has breached the trademark on one of its energy drinks.
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