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Q&A: How long will an energy drink stay in me?

31 Oct Posted by in Tweet Posts | 5 comments

Question by Alyssa: How long will an energy drink stay in me?
I’m 5’3″ and weigh 115 lbs. If I drink Amp, how long will the energy remain before I crash?
Thanks guys, I’m just trying to stay up tonight to get stuff done and I’m wondering how long I should wait before resorting to caffiene.

Best answer:

Answer by jazzy.webb
it depends how much u eat beforeu take it. when i first had a red bull…i had nothing to eat and haha i went completely crazy for about 3 hours….then i crashed. but if u eat alot before…then the drink doesnt really have much of an effect. but i recommend 5 hr energy it last that long exactly and it works right away!!!

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