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how bad are energy drinks?

29 Apr Posted by in Tweet Posts | 2 comments

Question by : how bad are energy drinks?
like red bull and monster, i am 16 and i people i know drink energy drinks every day (like 500ml cans) and it makes me cringe a little because i always associate energy drinks with heart problems. I never drink energy drinks but i have 2-3 cups of coffee a day

what is it in energy drinks that makes them bad and what are the side effects?

BQ is drinking 2-3 cups of coffee a day bad?

Best answer:

Answer by Munny
Well, energy drinks are supposed to replace electrolytes in your brain when you lose some. You lose electrolytes when playing sports, or any physical activity that puts pressure on your body. You should only be drinking these energy drinks AFTER a game or dance or whatever it is you do. They should not be drunk randomly or for fun. It is really bad for you that way.
And as for coffee, there is actually a study that drinking that much coffee in a day makes you live longer, which is from an article I read on Yahoo! (link is below). I personally don’t drink that much coffee, because I don’t want to get addicted, but that’s just my opinion. Read the article, it has lots of info:)

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