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Energy Drinks, Are They Safe?

04 Nov Posted by in Tweet Posts | Comments

Energy Drinks, Are They Safe?

If you do not use energy drinks, I am sure you know someone who does. Energy drinks showed up on the market in the US in the 1980’s with Jolt Cola. Jolt Cola was a soft drink with lots of added sugar and caffeine.

Red Bull began distributing its drink in the United States in 1997. Many clubs were using Red Bull as a cocktail mixer.

The relative short period of time that energy drinks have been on the market has make it difficult to predict long term effects, but here are just a few examples of what has happened to others:


I used to drink Monster Energy Drink about 2 times a week. Then I started to notice an itch on my right elbow. I figured it was just a normal itch, and I scratched it, and it was gone for a while. But then two days later it came back. I called 911 and told them I had been drinking Monster Energy Drink a few times a week. They sent an ambulance right away and I was treated for Placeboitis. The surgeon said I was lucky to be alive and that all they had to do is remove the critical thinking part of my brain. Luckily they said it was of no use to me and apparently I had never used it before.


I drank red bull a lot and now I have heart problems. I can’t get too excited or stressed or I will have a panic attack, or mild heart attack, and fall to the ground in sheer agony. I’m consulting doctors now. I told them I drank a  lot of [red bull / energy drinks] and they said stop. I did stop, but to this day they have no clue how to classify what is wrong with my heart. So yeah, it may tastes good but in the long run it is damaging.


My best friend was complaining about his gums hurting about 2 weeks ago. Last Thursday they found him dead. While the autopsy reports are not back yet, it is suspected these energy drinks played a large part in his demise. He drank around 2 per day. They did say the drinks ate up his cell structure and was eating away at his internal organs.
So, my opinion is, go get some life insurance on yourself, or someone you know, that is drinking this stuff.

After reading these comments and many others with similar content, I cannot imagine risking my health for a short term boost of energy.

If you suffer from fatigue or low energy levels on a daily basis, here are some natural ways to safely increase your energy levels.

A quality night sleep
30 mins of daily exercise
Having a proper body weight
Proper nutrients through food and vitamins

I say, “Why risk our health, let our bodies energize themselves”.

My name is Johnny Everman and I enjoy sharing the secrets I have learned that will give our bodies no choice but to reward us with more strength, stamina and energy to attack our day. Visit me at: and lets get started on your healthier, happier life.

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