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Convenience Stores To Keep Eye On Energy Drinks Stock Levels

17 Oct Posted by in Tweet Posts | Comments

Convenience Stores To Keep Eye On Energy Drinks Stock Levels

Copyright (c) 2010 Nadine Davis

Convenience store owners are missing out on a lucrative share of the drinks market through not keeping up with the current market research. This research shows that energy drinks are displacing bottled water and carbonated drinks with the younger section of the market. These young buyers are more likely to choose a convenience store to buy energy drinks rather than a supermarket. However, when they get there, often the fridge stock of energy drinks has not been replenished, especially in the mid afternoon to early evening, when demand is at its peak. This is an opportunity going begging for want of some quantitative data to encourage continual re-stocking.

The Brisbane energy drinks market is dominated by two brands – Red Bull and V, and their popularity continues to grow each year, with no sign of slowing. Studies show that the convenience store, rather than the supermarket, is the growth area, borne out by the finding that most energy drink consumers are busy people who stop in to buy the beverage while in transit to either work, the beach, a party or social gathering. The most likely places for busy people to shop is a convenience store because of their time restraints. They are less likely to shop at a supermarket and this is clearly evident in the research.

Another study found that the highest consumption of Red Bull was males in the 15-39 age bracket, and that again, this group is usually out and about with mates and girlfriends, leading busy lives that leave them needing a boost of energy, especially towards mid-afternoon, and the most likely place they will visit to pick up a drink is a convenience store.

Energy drinks marketers are eager to distribute this research to convenience store owners and managers to encourage them to make more fridge space available for energy drinks. These studies give them some concrete facts to argue the case for reducing space for water and carbonated drinks, and replacing them with energy drinks. They can now confidently argue that the profits will be there as the demand is there, and that shelves empty of energy drinks are a lost selling opportunity.

Studies show that the demand for energy drinks continues both day and night, with the largest increase happening in the afternoon and early evening. This makes sense, as it is usually at that time that the energy levels of busy people start to wane. This is a great time for shop owners to take a quick stock of energy drink levels to ensure that they have the appropriate amount of product available to meet the public demands.

The amount of energy drinks Brisbane people consume shows no signs of decreasing at all. These drinks are appealing to a very broad range of consumers and are starting to encroach into other demographics as the products gain acceptance through advertising and promotion.

The amount of Energy Drinks Brisbane people consume rises in mid afternoon and continues into the early evening. This pattern is consistent with research into Brisbane Energy Drinks showing shift and office workers to be loyal consumers. Visit Kellys Distributors for distribution.