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Are energy drinks good or bad for you and in what way?

16 Nov Posted by in Tweet Posts | 3 comments

Question by : Are energy drinks good or bad for you and in what way?
I drink alot of energy drinks like, Monster, and Rockstar.. are these bad for me? There Just So Tasty!!! much info needed please!

Best answer:

Answer by ScottySauce
Energy drink hazards are mainly a concern because many consumers, especially those who use energy drinks, are prone to excess. This tendency means that many people do not drink only one energy drink every now and then but instead make it a regular part of their diet. The potential health problems–or hazards–caused by energy drinks can be put into two broad categories: problems caused the actual ingredients in the energy drinks and problems caused by the use of energy drinks. Because energy drinks are intended to produce a definite reaction in the body, mostly in terms of lessening fatigue and increasing energy, it is obvious that there is a potential for other side effects, as well.

Be Aware of Energy Drink Hazards
The good news about energy drink hazards is that people who only drink the beverages occassionally for a boost of energy do not need to worry. The people who should be concerned about energy drink hazards are the energy drink consumers who rely on these products to get them through each day, drinking one or more a day. As with most things, moderation is a good key to safety, but few people realize there are dangers involved with consuming too many energy drinks.

One of the primary energy drink hazards is caused by the high levels of caffeine in many drinks. Caffeine, along with taurine, is usually the main ingredient for creating the surge in energy, but caffeine, especially when consumed in such large amounts, can have serious side effects. Caffeine is a natural diuretic, which means that it contributes to dehydration if the water loss it causes is not compensated for. Although the dehydration caused by caffeine is generally minimal and not exceptionally dangerous, dehydration can negatively impact a body’s health and performance.

This warning is especially pertinent for athletes, including athletes involved in extreme sports to whom many energy drinks are marketed. When athletes are involved in intense games, practices, or competitions, they naturally lose a great deal of water through sweating. If energy drinks are consumed before, during, or after athletic events, as many energy drink users are prone to do, the dehydration can be even more severe and never corrected. Whereas sports drinks like Gatorade and Powerade contain no caffeine, important sodium, and other crucial electrolytes, restoring the elements the body has lost, energy drinks are composed primarily of caffeine and sugar, denying the body what it needs, preventing quick recovery, and possibly causing other problems.

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