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Why Energy Drinks Have Proved To Be So Popular Among Kids

25 Oct Posted by in Tweet Posts | Comments

Why Energy Drinks Have Proved To Be So Popular Among Kids

There is a very paradoxical observation that has been made, with regard to energy drink buyer demographics. That is where, contrary to what would be expected, it is the younger people who have turned out to be the most frequent buyers of the drinks.

The younger years of life, as we may recall, also happen to be the years when people’s energy levels tends tend to be at their highest. In other words, these are the years when natural energy production mechanisms in the body tend to be functioning at their best. As people get on in years, this natural energy production faculties decline, and one would expect that to be when people would be looking for ways to raise their energy levels; through products like the energy drinks. The reality turns out to be the exact opposite. That is where the younger people, whose natural energy production is at its best, also prove to be the most frequent buyers of the energy drinks – whilst the old population, which tends to struggle with energy issues, doesn’t seem to match the youth’s enthusiasm for the drinks.

So, why have energy drinks, paradoxically, proved to be so popular amongst youngsters?

Well, one factor behind this would be the way the drinks have been marketed. The marketing campaigns for the drinks have been aimed at making them look ‘hip’- the very kind of marketing message that appeals to the younger breed. This, of course, seems to have been a deliberate move; based on the realization by the makers of the energy drinks that they stood to make better sums of money by making their products to appeal to the youth rather than the older generation. The youth tend to have more disposable income than the older generation and inasmuch as you can find a way of appealing to that demographic group, you would be well on your way to phenomenal marketing success.

But reasons for the popularity of the energy drinks amongst the youngsters go beyond marketing. As it turns, beyond the simple effect of increasing their users’ physical energy levels, most of these drinks also tend to have the effect of making the users feel somewhat ‘high.’ Now the youth, as we know them, tend to find themselves at a stage in life when they almost desperately crave for anything that can make them feel good. And as it turns, most of the other things that can make them feel high are either illegal or too expensive. It also helps that the energy drink makes you feel nice without actually interfering with your mental faculties. You get to feel nice while still being able to keep your mind all along.

With the coming of energy drinks that promise more things that are in line with youthful aspirations; we can be certain that we will be seeing even more youngsters turning to them.

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