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Which Is The Healthiest…?

10 Dec Posted by in Tweet Posts | 2 comments

Question by Sam: Which Is The Healthiest…?
just out of curiosity, i’d like to see how these drinks compare. so, if you could put them in order from most to least healthy [or at least as close as you can get], and possibly an explanation of why, that’d be great.

ten points to best answer.

mountain dew
capri sun

thanks. [:
i rarely drink any of them, actually. maybe the occasional fanta or vault. water is by far the best tasting drink out there. [:

Best answer:

Answer by Harlequin
if your gonna drink one constantly, i would say powerade. Its sugary, but has electrolytes in it and sometimes vitamins.

the other are just full of preservatives and sugar or caffeine.

keep all of them to a minimum and drink lots of water.

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