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What should my screen name be?

02 Nov Posted by in Tweet Posts | 5 comments

Question by swimmer4life2011: What should my screen name be?
fav sport: swimming
event: 500 free (idk why that would matter)
age: 15
i LOVE music
fav bands: plain white t’s, we the kings, boys like girls, and miley cyrus and dance music
i am crazy and hyper…very out of the ordinary but not like super weird or anything. ha i still have a lot of friends.
if i drink a cup of coffee i’ll be off the walls and the same thing goes for too much sugar.
fav energy drinks: vault, bawls, and coffee
i also love vitamin water
i’m a facebook addict
very liberal
michael moore is awesome
i love my trampoline and jump all the time along with swing in my backyard
i have a rabbit and rat (yes as a pet)
fav stores: delias, american eagle, and aeropostale
i am a really random person
some of my phrases/inside jokes with friends:
1.) boom chicka wah wah
2.) shitlit
3.) oh my lawd
4.) diablos
6.) bam bam
7.) other lover
i live for summer, sleepovers, and friends
i like buffalos and squirrels
-just general info..thanks!!
okay u dont have to use all the info. its just stuff i like and how i am. and i do not want my name. i want something original. its for aim.

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Answer by heather

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