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Weight Loss Energy Drink: Friend or Foe?

31 Oct Posted by in Tweet Posts | Comments

Weight Loss Energy Drink: Friend or Foe?

A weight loss energy drink in anyone’s hand these days is barely even noticeable. The latest phenomenon is the fact the what was a nothing industry 10 years ago has become so large and powerful that virtually every food/drinks company has stepped onto the weight loss energy drink playing field. Even celebrities are stamping their names, labels, or brands to a can or a bottle these days. Who ever saw it coming? One question to ponder in the fog of this enormous trend is this; “Does the fact that this industry is in the backyard (or hand I should say) of everyone ranging from children to sports figures to senior citizens mean that these drinks are safe and effective?” Well, let’s have a closer look.

We know that there is a tremendous need for proper nutrition in the western world, especially the United States, where the advent of genetically modified and hybrid foods, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, preservatives, and corporate farming practices has negatively affected the health of the U.S. in a major way. We have witnessed an epidemic explosion of diseases that were uncommon 25 years ago. Cancer, Type II diabetes, arthritis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and many others have been on the rise with alarming speed.

When you understand that most of these diseases are directly related to a nutritional biochemical deficiency in the human body, the relevance of a weight loss energy drink factors in as either a problem or a solution, depending on their ingredients. If the drink has all of the vital nutrients that will help the body produce energy naturally, then it can be the solution to more than one problem: weight loss, energy, and aging. Proper nutrition is the foundation of all three. If it doesn’t contain the necessary ingredients then it could be your foe.

It may seem hard to believe but the secret to weight loss is getting the proper nutrition from your die that enables the body to strive for efficiency, efficiency such as dumping excess bodyfat. One major problem with foods available today is that they contain toxins that accumulate in the body over many years. These toxins cause a plaque like sludge (referred to as “bio-film”) to build up on the cells walls. This plaque buildup makes nutrient absorption very difficult, to say the least, and puts the body into a nutrient starvation state. The body’s defense mechanism against this is the hunger response. This causes people to eat more food, thereby, storing more unnecessary calories in the form of fat

Energy production is another realm that is affected by toxins as well as the ingestion of the non-nutrient dense foods that are common in the American food supply. If a weight loss energy drink provides the proper energy driving nutrients it is a winner on more than one front. First is the stable energy supply, second is the energy supply allowing more fat burning activities during the day, and third is slowing the aging process and bolstering immune function.

Aging is directly related to the body’s ability to produce intercellular energy. When cells are built from the known botanical compounds that result in the building of healthy energy producing cells, the excess energy can be directed toward skin repair, improved mental functioning, improved vision, connective tissue repair, immune function, and other repair and rebuild factors that require ENERGY.

It is a rare find when you can purchase weight loss products that don’t contain a nervous system stimulant as the driving force for energy. This product perpetuates the myth that effective weight loss comes from stimulating the nervous system with high amounts of caffeine, ephedra, gurana root, or other stimulants to lose weight. This elevated nerve response, over time, can be very dangerous, not to mention the fact that nervous system stimulants result in an energy crash and a net loss of energy production in the body.

It is prudent to look at all the ingredients and familiarize yourself with those that are important to your overall health. If the body has all the nutrients necessary for natural energy product then you won’t need an energy drink full of stimulants. The ultimate weight loss energy drink addresses all of these issues. Be selective when making a choice.

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