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Top Notch Goods 30 in 30 Protein Shakes, Chocolate Cake Flavor, 1.5 oz. (Pack of 20)

09 Nov Posted by in Tweet Posts | Comments

Top Notch Goods 30 in 30 Protein Shakes, Chocolate Cake Flavor, 1.5 oz. (Pack of 20)

  • SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO BE MOST EFFECTIVE within 30 minutes of waking up OR 30 minutes following a workout
  • THE EASIEST FIRST STEP TO A LEAN & HEALTHY BODY – 30 grams of pure whey protein isolate and only 4 other ingredients to keep you full and have your body burning fat for energy all day long – all natural flavors and ingredients you can pronounce!
  • WILL YOU LOSE FAT? In an experiment of 102 people, 82.4% reported losing body fat in the first month of consuming “30 in 30” shakes. One person lost as much as 15lbs by making this one simple change for breakfast. What will they do for you? –The right nutrients @ The right time = The Right Results!! – Ideal for male/females
  • A DELICIOUS WAY TO START YOUR DAY OR SUPPLMENT YOUR WORKOUT – Mix with 8oz of water or milk for a rich, full-flavored shake or 10-14oz for a less sweetened, milder flavored shake –Whatever you prefer –You’ll also receive our most popular shake recipes and tips from our in-house nutritionist on how to best use the shakes to achieve your goals – Money back guarantee
  • A SIMPLE SOLUTION TO THE START OF EACH WORKDAY -we include a one month supply for the busy workweek –Treat yourself on the weekends! –We’ll have you out the door in 60 seconds on those busy workday mornings – Really convenient for business travelers also!

“HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO!” Most diet and nutrition plans make you sacrifice taste for results, which isn’t fun and sustainable. Top Notch “30 in 30” shakes were developed to provide you with a nutritional shake that you’ll crave each morning…a shake that is truly delicious all while offering a fat burning jumpstart! It’s the best of both worlds!
Studies show that consuming a large amount of protein at breakfast while avoiding carb-laden, ‘traditional’ breakfasts such

Price: $ 31.97

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