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Top 3 Natural Energy Drinks – Only the Healthiest

27 Sep Posted by in Energy Drinks | Comments

With all the energy drinks out there pouring buckets of sugar, caffeine and chemicals down our throats, you’re smart to seek out natural energy drinks that will give you a boost without affecting your health.

After researching many reviews and testimonials, behold the top 3 natural energy drinks!

*Warning: May Lead to Good Health and Increased Stamina*
#3 Natural Energy Drink: Verve Energy Drink

This one delivers you a healthy boost by way of guarana, taurine, green tea, B vitamins and mangosteen. The caffeine and natural energy from the combination of these ingredients makes for a pretty decent kick that lasts.

It has 65 essential vitamins and minerals as well as antioxidants to enhance your body’s functioning. Rarely do people experience a crash with this drink, however some have reported adverse effects from the taurine (the same ingredient that fuels Red Bull).

#2 Natural Energy Drink: Guru Energy Drink

The key players in this healthy energy drink are gaurana, Echinacea, ginseng and gingko biloba. This 100% natural drink is certified organic and has a mild citrus flavor and light carbonation which makes it smooth and pleasant going down.

The energy boost in Guru comes from the caffeine in the guarana and the natural energy-giving properties of the extracts and herbal ingredients included. The kick is substantial and noticeably increases your energy level for about three hours.

#1 Natural Energy Drink: FRS Healthy Energy Drink

The unique, patented formula of FRS energy drink makes it stand out above the rest. Most of the ingredients are common, including fruit juice, green tea extract and plenty of vitamins. However, the key ingredient that isn’t found elsewhere is this FRS quercetin.

This drink supercharges you the natural way as the extremely powerful antioxidant properties of quercetin actually turn your body into an energy-producing powerhouse. Because the only source of actual caffeine in this drink comes from the green tea extract, you experience no crash and no heavy rush, just a steady stream of revitalizing energy.

This one takes the #1 spot because it’s as healthy as they come and the only one with more and more research emerging that proves its effectiveness.

If you’re looking for the best natural energy drinks available, this is it. The company themselves are so confident in this drink that they’re offering a 2-week free trial that lets you try it before you buy. You cover the shipping, they send a box to your doorstep.