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The Truth About Energy Drinks

02 Oct Posted by in Tweet Posts | 1 comment

The Truth About Energy Drinks

Do you ever find yourself wishing for that extra burst of energy in the midst of a busy day? If you lead a hectic life like millions of other Americans, then chances are you have thought about picking up an energy drink to help you get through the day. However, with so many energy drinks being marketed daily, it is important to know about the ingredients in these drinks and the possible effects that these drinks may have on your body.

Most energy drink companies today market such an attractive commercial for their energy boosting product that they refrain from mentioning the often unhealthy amount of caffeine, the extremely high levels of sugar, and the often high number of calories. When we pick up an energy drink, we often don’t realize that each can or bottle usually contains several energy boosting stimulants, not just caffeine. Consuming too many of these stimulants at once can leave a person with an upset stomach, difficulty sleeping, raised blood pressure and nervousness. These side effects can often lead to an uncomfortable and an unhealthy lifestyle. So are there any other alternatives to a more healthy energy drink?

When searching for the right energy drink, be sure to look at the list of ingredients. A few energy products out there today contain zero sugars, very low amount of calories and the ideal amount of caffeine to give you that precise amount of energy for the day. While most energy drinks out there today contain an unhealthy amount of caffeine (approximately 280 milligrams per 8.3 ounces) on top of the high levels of sugar, there are also several energy boosting products which contain caffeine amounts equivalent to a cup of coffee (125-150 milligrams per 8 ounces) and zero amount of sugar. It is always wiser to go with a brand which does not combine sugar and caffeine. It might also be beneficial to drink only one serving at a time. Most energy drinks contain several servings, when you consume the entire product, you might be getting double the caffeine and double the sugars.

Some energy drinks out there also contain several beneficial ingredients, such as: B-vitamins, amino acids, and anti-oxidants. Often times, these types of energy drinks are also marketed as health drinks. These health drinks often contain beneficial nutrients, zero sugars, and the right amount of caffeine for a daily boost of energy. All in all, prior to grabbing an energy drink, be sure that you are aware of what you are drinking. If you are an experienced energy drink consumer and you feel that your body is accustomed to high levels of caffeine and sugars then you should be able to judge for yourself which energy drink you prefer; however, if you are new to energy drinks and are searching for a healthier approach then simply look over the ingredients prior to consumption. Why have an energy drink leave you jittery and queasy, when with the right energy drink you can feel stronger, faster and sharper.

Lauren S. Johnson writes health articles about fitness and nutrition. Some of her favorite passions include writing about energy drinks and natural sleep aids.