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The 4 tips to finding a top energy drink supplement

12 Mar Posted by in Energy Drinks | Comments

There are many active people who believe very strongly in the value of energy drinks. Each energy drink product has its advantages and disadvantages. Some are created with artificial flavours while others are made with energy vitamins like vitamin b12 and vitamin b6.

Caffeine appears to be the driver behind the energy boost provided by drinks like Red Bull, Monster energy drink and others. Even low sugar energy drinks like Crave energy drink contains some caffeine along with an array of vitamins.

The trick to finding a top energy supplement that will help you get through the day is to compare the following 4 items:

1)      Price:  the price of energy drinks range from $1.5 to $3.5 depending upon the type, branding and market allowance. Powder form energy drinks tend to be cheaper and easier to carry but require water or juice to use as a liquid medium to consume the product.

2)      Sugar: The amount of sugar in each drink tends to determine crash one experiences as they come off the energy high. The sugar does high with the energy boost to a little extent but the sugar crush that follows when the drink is high in sugar may not be worth the energy obtained.

3)      Vitamins: some energy drinks provide a list of vitamins in the mixture. These vitamins like b12 and b6 provide a portion of the energy boost that lasts beyond the impact of the caffeine. These vitamins tend to gradually wear off so that you do not crash quickly. This is similar to other sports nutrition vitamins.

4)      Energy levels experienced: The energy obtained from a vitamin the top energy supplements tend to last in the range of 3 to 5 hours depending upon the brand and the size of the person consuming the product.

It would be nice if we could get the boost energy without caffeine but in most energy drinks it is the caffeine that provides the effects. The shelf life of liquid energy drinks like monster, boost and red bull are limited compared to the powdered energy drinks like Crave energy mix.

You need to consider the 4 items above when trying to find the best energy drink for your use. If you are hiking or doing other outside activities the powder mix may be your best solution as compared to the refrigerated liquid drinks found in truck stops while traveling.

By: EnergyDrinkReviews