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Skip Energy Drinks to Burn More Body Fat From Your Workout

05 Nov Posted by in Tweet Posts | Comments

Skip Energy Drinks to Burn More Body Fat From Your Workout

Avoid Sports Drinks Like Gatorade and Energy Drinks Like Red Bull

Do you drink an energy drink before or during your workout? This is a big mistake. I used to think Gatorade was a great idea to give myself energy to workout hard. The problem is that you are getting your energy from an outside source. You are burning sugars in the drink, but what you want to do is burn body fat.

Think of Your Body Fat as “Energy Reserves”

Your body stores fat as a source of emergency fuel. Its primary fuel of choice is from the food you eat. Energy drinks in particular are an effective form of energy, because they contain simple sugars which are quickly used by the body. You body will search for any carbohydrates in your system when you exercise. The only time it will access stored fat is when your primary fuel (your food energy) in completely used up.

Ridding Your Body of Your Primary Source of Energy to Access Body Fat

If you drink a calorie containing sport drink or energy drink, you will need to burn off all of those calories before your body will access your body fat. In my opinion it is best to not drink those calories in the first place! Wouldn’t it be great to burn body fat every minute that you are on the treadmill or exercise bike? Well, if your system is empty of food calories, then that is exactly what will happen!

I Wouldn’t Eat a Single Calorie 4 Hours Before Your Workout

You want to burn off that body fat quickly right? Well, don’t go near any source of calories at all 4 hours leading up to your workout. You will feel a huge difference when you workout. Seriously…you will get a certain feeling in your body when you know you are in the fat burning zone. There is almost a certain look to the muscles when your body is in a low-carb state. I can tell by looking at people if they will be able to burn body fat in their workout. Hint: most people haven’t prepped their bodies properly.

Green Tea is a Great Alternative

If you want a surge of energy without the calories then Green Tea is a great answer. The great thing about green tea is that it is extremely healthy as well. It is a tremendous source of antioxidants which fights the increase in free radicals that is caused by exercise. I like to drink green tea when it is hot, because it seems to warm up my body and work better (this isn’t scientifically proven, it is just my experience). By all means drink green tea, but avoid calorie containing drinks before your workouts. You will love the fat burning results!

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