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Q&A: Would an energy drink make me feel bloated?

16 Dec Posted by in Tweet Posts | Comments
by megpi

Question by auntsallya: Would an energy drink make me feel bloated?
I have an energy drink mostly every day with lunch. It’s not carbonated and is sugar free. Would it make me feel bloated? Is this bad?

Best answer:

Answer by Cribber
It could. You say it is not carbonated, which is good. But you also say it is sugar free? Is is sweetened with xylotol or asparatame (nutrasweet) or splenda? Because those definitely will bloat you up, xylotol in particular and can even give you intestinal cramps and diarrhea. So without seeing the ingrediants, it is hard for me to give you a correct answer, but my general feeling is Yes based on what I know about energy drinks. To my knowledge there is actually only one that will give you the desired boost without dragging you down later or causing other side effects such as the digestive ones. It is VIV, you have probably seen the comercials. Well anyway you can get it at Also, you can write the email address at the top and get a free sample.

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