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Q&A: What is the purpose of having energy drinks while working out?

04 Oct Posted by in Tweet Posts | 1 comment

Question by Calculus: What is the purpose of having energy drinks while working out?
In the gym where I workout there are these chillers full of energy drinks like Gatorade and today there was this group handing out sample bottles of a new energy drink.
My purpose of visiting the gym and working out is to burn energy and fat, not to take in more energy by way of energy drinks. The only beverage I drink while working out is water, so I keep my hydration levels up. I am confused why anyone would want to hit the gym to burn energy but then take in more energy while there.

Best answer:

Answer by Mortalbear
Gatorade specifically contains electrolytes, you use these when you exercise and gatorade replenishes them if you drink it after a workout.

The purpose of having energy drinks is they contain caffeine, caffeine is a stimulant, it helps with endurance making you able to last longer and push further while exercising, too much caffeine can be bad for you because it makes your heart beat faster, lots of body-builders ect take it before a workout to help them lift more.

also you are asking why people want to take more energy while working out?

the reason for this is because if you measure energy in calories, when you eat food the calories can come from different things, for example 1g of fat = 9 calories, where as energy drinks get the energy from other ingredients and not fat, in my opinion they are still bad for you but they shouldn’t cause you to gain weight as long as you are working out aswell and drinking them.

if you want to gain endurance while exercising so you can last longer its best to drink a cup of plain black coffee, as this is 0 calories and contains caffeine, or you can buy caffeine pills, i think they normally come in 200mg dosages which then 1 pill is enough, just take it about 30 mins before you exercise or read the packet to see when the best time is.

hope this helped!

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