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Q&A: How do you feel about ENERGY DRINKS?

09 May Posted by in Tweet Posts | 2 comments

Question by Yours Truly: How do you feel about ENERGY DRINKS?
Im gunna be straightup, I LOVE UM’
I love the green and blue monsters, I love the Redbull’s

Rockstars are YUCKY.
🙂 I know energy drinks are bad for you so, I don’t have them too much also the 5 HOUR ENERGY you heard about on T.V Tryed it : / BLEH gosh it’s nasty!

Best answer:

Answer by Loves Van Halen
I used to drink them all the time. They gave me energy and helped me stay awake. Then my heart started skipping beats every few minutes, I was always shaking because my nerves were going wild, and after it wore off, I was out cold. So I stopped drinking energy drinks, and my heart stopped skipping beats, I stopped shaking, and I felt…alive. I started running too and that alone gave me more energy than an energy drink. You should try it. Energy drinks are horrible for you. They cause all sorts of problems in later life.

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