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Lastest Energy Drink News

06 Nov Posted by in Tweet Posts | Comments

Coca-Cola and Effect energy drink
energy drink
Image by tskdesign
I’m getting to be an energy fiend again. This time there’s no more coffee experimenting. I’ve found something that works better. Coca-Cola and Effect. Cola in a can, because it just tastes better right out of metal and Effect because it’s just as good as Burn (energy drink from Coca-Cola) but at half the price.

Time to kick the multivitamin habit, studies suggest
Growing scientific data has health and nutrition experts reversing their thinking on the benefits of taking daily multivitamins. The new thinking: even when you’re not eating the healthiest diet, there’s no proof that a multivitamin is the right tool to fill in the gaps.
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Good Taste : Mocha motion: Coffee shops on Martha’s Vineyard
I was living in Vermont in the early 90s. It was the onset of the modern coffee culture and I landed a job at the coolest place in town. Mocha Joe’s was a basement dweller’s paradise for reading, writing, discussing the aura-healing qualities of amethyst, and the general wasting of time.
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