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Isotonic/Energy Drinks ? How Do Isotonic/Energy Drinks Work? By Rachel Moore

18 Oct Posted by in Tweet Posts | Comments

Isotonic/Energy Drinks ? How Do Isotonic/Energy Drinks Work? By Rachel Moore

First of all, what does Isotonic actually mean … we know we associate the word with energy drinks for athletes but what does it actually mean and why is it so important for sports people to have them?  Well …

 “Isotonic” literally means “equal tension.” It means that two substances have the same concentration of a solute. So in the case of an ‘ isotonic drink’ it means that it contains the essential salts and minerals (electrolytes) in the same concentration as in the body and it is intended to replace those salts and minerals (electrolytes) lost as a result of sweating during vigorous exercise.

Everyone knows that when they exercise they lose body fluid but did you know that you can lose up to 2 litres of water per hour if exercising vigorously?  Dehydration can sap you of strength and stamina which is why it is so, so important to replace those lost fluids and give your body the essential nutrients it needs to keep going all day long. 

Fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes understand that there are 2 crucial factors that help achieve exceptional performance they are 1) energy and 2) hydration.  Just a 2% loss of fluid during exercise or mild dehydration can significantly harm performance and for exceptional performance water is simply just not good enough which is why the isotonic drinks market is booming.

 In fact back in 2007 the European sports drinks market was just under 4 billion Euros 70% of which was in isotonic drinks.  This has been fuelled by the fact that many people are keen to become healthier and drinking an isotonic drink is just another way to get hydrated.  Gone are the days when just serious athletes took these drinks, anyone who exercises hard enough to break into a sweat should be making good use of them to rehydrate and avoid energy lapses.

 So now you can see why the isotonic drinks market is booming and why all the drinks companies are so keen to get a slice of the action.  So it’s no wonder really that the Nutrition and Wellness giant Herbalife felt the need to provide their customers with a healthy solution to compliment their sports nutrition range and one that ticked all the boxes naturally.

 H3O Pro was designed to put back into the body what is lost during hard physical exercise.  It replaces the fluids and the electrolytes lost from the body through sweat during intense exercise.   

Why is H3O Pro better than just plain water? Well H3O Pro has a similar carbohydrate and electrolyte concentration to our body which means it’s absorbed fast if not faster than just plain water.   H3O Pro also has a high level of osmolality whereas water has very low levels and typically doesn’t contain any electrolytes.  After sweating or exercising the electrolytes (salts and minerals) that are lost from the body need to be replaced and water alone cannot achieve this.    

The high levels of electrolytes such as calcium sodium, potassium, magnesium and chloride are needed to allow for better muscle function and the levels of electrolytes allow for better hydration quicker than using just water.  This helps athletes avoid the negative effects of dehydration such as headache, fatigue and muscle cramps.

All of the components within Herbalife’s H30 Pro fitness drink are designed to make it stand out from the crowd because you get so much more than you do from other leading isotonic drink brands on the market.  H3O Pro fitness drink is not only a drink that helps to rehydrate you, it is a balanced 3 in one fitness drink that provides you with rapid hydration but also provides sustained energy and antioxidant protection delivered through a pleasant lemon taste which leaves no aftertaste or sickly feeling.   The thirst quenching H3O Pro is great before, during or after physical activity and helps to refresh and rejuvenate the body.  

This is achieved by adding B Vitamins to the core ingredients this means that the body is better equipped to absorb quicker enabling it to get more energy from all the nutrients provided in the H3O Pro itself.  And of course it goes without saying that when exercising the body naturally produces more oxygen which in turn naturally increases the production of the damaging free radicals which can attack the body’s cells.  H3O Pro also includes antioxidant Vitamins C and E to help protect the body’s tissue from the increased free radical damage.

Many other energy drinks contain high fructose corn syrup which is a very refined sugar, whereas H3O Pro contains glucose and a naturally derived source of sugar for sustained energy.  It also contains a better quality of carbohydrate to encourage sustained energy and to prevent energy peaks and troughs.  

H3O Pro is caffeine free, contains no artificial flavourings, sweetners, colourings or preservatives and makes a great healthy alternative to some of the other high calorie, high sugar beverages on the market today.   It comes in individual sachets which you mix with water as directed.

So remember …

H3O Pro = HEAT

H = hydration

E = energy

A = antioxidant & absorbtion

T = tastes great


H3O Pro is only available through Herbalife Distributors and is not available to purchase through normal retail outlets.  Please contact Rachel Moore on 01423 529 708 or buy on line at by visiting the Energy & Fitness pages of her website.  


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