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is it dangerous to take 5 hour energy drink and push yourslf to the limit?workin out?

08 Nov Posted by in Tweet Posts | Comments

Question by AleX D.: is it dangerous to take 5 hour energy drink and push yourslf to the limit?workin out?
i looked at the 5 hour energy drink’s vitamins and stuff and there was an extreme amount of watever it was. i want to know more about the drink and know wats safe to do and wats not. plz any1 telll me.

Best answer:

Answer by Charles R
Ok first of all there is no such thing as a 5 hour drink to replace water. You are made up of 78% water and to lose just 3% can cause heat stroke and soon as you stop sweating you are now in the throws of heat stroke..this is where your body can not cool it’s self and your organs are starting to shut down. It will start with your sweat glands..then your kindneys and then your liver and then your heart. If it reaches that far the chances of you making it to the hospital alive are about 10% IF YOU DO MAKE IT you will likely be brain damage and drooling and not being able to speak or eat or even wipe yourself when you have a bowl movement for the next 50 years.
So do me a favor and just drink lots of water…and you don’t need fancy water, water out of the tap, with maybe some ice and you can do whatever you want long as you keep fluids replaced. It takes to just sit still at 90 temp one gallon a day to survive. TO walk and talk and move around all day outside…you will need between 2 to 3 gallons as your body will be sweating very heavly to keep you cool. You have to understand that the reason you sweat is to creatate a cooling effect by the water “your sweat” evaporating off your skin. If you ever had rubbing alcohol rubbed on your skin it will feel very cool, this is because of the very fast evaporation rate of alcohol. In the old days before ice was a common place rubbing alcohol was used to cool down childern and men that work outside all day.

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