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Is it bad to drink energy drinks all the time?

19 Oct Posted by in Tweet Posts | Comments

Question by BLAH!: Is it bad to drink energy drinks all the time?
I’ve been feeling pretty weak and faint lately, and yesterday I blacked out.
I eat around 500 calories a day (on a bad day) and I’ve been feeling really sick and food doesn’t taste good anymore. I can barely eat, nothing tastes good, everything makes me want to puke.
I’ve been resorting to energy drinks to get some form of energy so I don’t faint again. Is this okay? I mean, I’ll stop drinking them once I start feeling better. I think I have a flu or something.

Best answer:

Answer by jesse
You are not eating enough calories you should have at least 1500. Only 500 calories a day could easily make you faint. Energy drinks have a lot of bad chemicals. Every once in a while they are ok but all the time is not so good. If you do feel faint sometimes caffeine in soda helps. If food is not tasting so good maybe you need some more water. Try drinking a lot of water and maybe you’ll feel better. Hope this helped.

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