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Is ‘Healthy Energy Drink’ an Oxymoron? How One Company is Leading a Revolution

27 Sep Posted by in Energy Drinks | Comments

If your eyes and ears have been even half open these past few years, you’ll have noticed our little planet being swarmed by billions of flying cans of liquid energy.

First it was Red Bull’s harmless little wings.  Now it’s every celebrity’s newest product line.

There’s a version for practically every sector of the market and I’m sorry, but the marketing is so blatant that I can’t help but feel like a sucker every time I buy one even though I’m conscious of what I’m falling for.

So what about the sector of the market that:

a) doesn’t want to die some day of over-caffeination,

b) doesn’t want to feel ridiculous carrying around their drink can (see Cocaine, Pussy, etc.),

c) loves their body and wants to keep it running strong for as long as possible, but

d) is over-worked, under-appreciated and needs a boost to make this day a little easier.
Is There Such a Thing as a Healthy Energy Drink?

Or are all energy drinks made and marketed just like any street drug, preying on the vulnerable, delivering false promises and stopping at nothing to keep us hooked?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m an energy drink consumer like any other, but I’m quite painfully aware of the side effects of 99% of the brands out there.

But there is one brand I turn to when I can’t afford to crash.  One brand that I’ve found swims hard upstream against the roaring rapids of destructive and ruthless energy drink companies.
Have you heard about FRS Healthy Energy?

This company’s story is seriously bizarre.  But it’s my firm belief that they’re revolutionizing the world of energy supplements with what is quite possibly the only healthy energy drink that actually works.

Have you tried it?

Are you in love?  I’d love to hear your story in the comments below.

And if you haven’t given this one a try, check out my follow-up post:

FRS Energy Drink

Cheers to good health and true energy.