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16 Oct Posted by in Tweet Posts | Comments

Steve Dooley 520-400-9105

XOWii Energy Drink – New Kid On The MLM Block

Let me begin with a waiver. I am not a salesperson for XWOii, nor am I promoting this enterprise in any way. The intent of this exposition is simply to inform anyone interested in the XWOii energy drink product or their mlm business opportunity.

XOWii Energy Drink:

This is XOWii’s flagship item. They also provide XOWii Thin and XOWii Ultimate products. This energy drink uses the KonaRed Coffee Cherry as it’s principal element. This is a fruit on the coffee plant that is customarily rejected when harvesting coffee. It’s developed in Hawaii as the name implies. XWOii uses guarana seed extract from the KonaRed berry along with glucosamine (joint health) and other stuff from it’s proprietary blend used in XOWii energy drink.

XOWii boasts an ORAC score of 5,735 per 8.4-oz portion. This was confirmed by Brunswick laboratories which is a certified third party testing facility that gives ORAC scores to food items. An ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) rating is the antioxidant power present.

They also include an antioxidant blend of juices in the drink as well. They are named Acai Berry, Aronia Berry, Elderberry and Concord Grape. These nutrients bestow many health perks including flavonoids, resveratrol, polyphenols, polysaccharides, vitamins and minerals.

Many advantages to your health are found in these ingredients. However, this merchandise does contain 55 cals and 13g of sugar per serving. Fifty-five cals isn’t that much unless your dieting.. 55 calories is equal to an apple. Someone that is concerned with cutting weight may not become a customer for this reason.

XOWii Energy Drink is sold for .40 per 24-can case. This equates to .35 each can. This is a comparatively high price compared to other similar. This drink can be sold for profits if you target your prospects. Attempting to sell these energy drinks to broke college kids isn’t your righ audience.

XOWii Energy Drink Business Opportunity:

Direct selling is the method of distribution the corporation instills to market their products. If you are not familiar with the term it is network marketing. It’s your standard comp plan. It is a binary comp plan that pays ten different ways.

1. Wholesale/retail difference

2. Fast Start Bonus

3. Business Builder Bonus

4. Binary Team Commission

5. Advancement Bonuses

6. Retail Sales Pool

7. Executive Check Match

8. Car Bonus

9. Leader Pool

10. Diamond Run Pool

This payout structure appears very comparable to gobs of the MLM companies on the playing field right now. It does appear profitable though.The plan appears to be able to generate good cash flow. Always remember that in a binary plan your small leg is your payout leg.

XOWii energy drink has many healthy attributes that will bring great value to the consuming public. Adding value to the consumer is an intregal part of any successful business model. Their binary compensation plan looks solid, but it is very similar to many other plans on the market today. The main challenge for the company will be to break-out in the high competition health and wellness arena.

Steve Dooley 520-400-9105

XOWii energy drink reps will need to get their products and opportunity exposed to many people. Once they talk to all their friends and family they’ll need a marketing plan to generate more warm market leads. That’s where I can help. My mastermind team has developed a lead generation system that brings in 50-100 warm leads daily. Click this link to get a free training webinar detailing the strategy I use to create an ongoing flow of incoming leads.

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