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How safe do you think energy drinks are?

18 Feb Posted by in Tweet Posts | 6 comments

Question by Eric: How safe do you think energy drinks are?
The levels of caffeine in energy drinks are exorbitant, and since caffeine is technically classified as a soft drug, it is possible that one truly can become dependent on the drink to get them through the day. Even when taken in moderation, energy drinks only offer a short-lived rush, and after this buzz many people crash and burn. It all makes me a little uneasy. What are your thoughts?

Best answer:

Answer by The Delanator
They’re decent if you absolutely need some energy (hard physical labor, driving for hours on end, that sort of thing). They have mad amounts of high fructose corn syrup, and they’re actually pretty fattening in that right. They’re also more acidic than soda and are terrible for your oral health (think eroding your enamel bad).

They’re, at best, a last ditch effort for energy. Caffeine pills wouldn’t be as bad in the long run.

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