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How do I get sponsored by Monster energy drink?

08 Nov Posted by in Tweet Posts | Comments

Question by Amber: How do I get sponsored by Monster energy drink?
My friends and I love monster energy drink a lot ! We ware their clothes and represent the brand really well.We make bracelets out of the tops of the cans and ware tons of their clothes showing off the brand.People notice us all the time and ask if we are sponsored but we just really love the drink …So how do we get Monster to know about us?

Best answer:

Answer by Candy Mountain
dude monster energy is awesome i love it, but i dont drink it everyday maybe like 2 cans every 4-5 when 4-5 or more days pass i get some more

cuz its not good to drink that everyday…

well sponsoring isnt that easy you have to have a high school or college diploma to show that you are qualified..

and some other stuff im not sure of

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