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How do energy drinks work exactly?

01 Oct Posted by in Tweet Posts | 4 comments

Question by Sam G: How do energy drinks work exactly?
I use Monster on a regular basis, but I don’t understand why I feel so great after drink one.

Also, I often get a headache after drinking coffee, but could it be related to making my coffee very strong?

Also, is it possible to get strongly addicted to Monster or other energy drinks?

Also, does anyone have an experienced opinion (somone having drunk Monster on several occasions) on what energy drink has the best effects and least side effects, etc.

Does anyone know why caffeine pills make me feel terrible/anxious?

Please do not advise me to stop drinking Monster or other energy drinks please.

Best answer:

Answer by Loulabelle
Energy drinks are full of both caffeine and sugar…
Sugar and caffeine are both addictive, and can cause withdrawal symptoms.
Some symptoms of withdrawal are anxiety, headache and nausea.

Sometimes caffeine pills make you feel anxious because the caffeine is keying you up, and you have no way of stopping it.

Normally your body generates a heightened state of awareness in response to danger or stress, and when the danger is gone it shuts it off.

Caffeine works like this, heightening your alertness, but there is no way for your body to turn it off – until it wears off.

Some energy drinks hide their active ingredient by telling the name of the plant that it came from, or using another name. An example is Yerba Matte. This is chemically similar to caffeine, and is just as addictive.

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