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Are Energy Drinks Bad for You? You’ve Heard the Warnings, Now Hear the Truth

25 Sep Posted by in Energy Drinks | 5 comments
Are Energy Drinks Bad for You? You’ve Heard the Warnings, Now Hear the Truth

You heard the story about the high school football player who, shortly after consuming a popular energy drink, had a heart attack and died right there on the field in the middle of a game?

What does this mean for you?

Should you believe all the hype or is it just your typical backlash to a popular market craze?

It’s time to dissect this trend that’s becoming increasingly popular among students, workaholics, athletes and party animals alike in order to uncover the truth behind whether or not energy drinks are as bad for you as everyone says.

There are two energy drink ingredients that everyone seems to be talking about.  The first is caffeine.  The second is sugar.  Let’s get the sugar out of the way first, shall we?

Like regular soft drinks, most energy drinks are packed full of sugar, which everyone from your doctor to your grandmother will tell you is not so good.  The reasons are many.  Obesity, diabetes, unhappy dentists and tooth fairies…

But it’s not the energy drink sugar levels that are making the football players collapse. No one needs to be lectured on consuming less sugar.  You’ve been told so since you were three and you still don’t care because you’re still alive and kicking.

But what about the caffeine?

People have been drinking coffee since the dawn of dawn cracks and our species has yet to go extinct.  So unless there’s something else going on in those harmless looking little cans, then that football player must have just had a faulty ticker right?

So what exactly is going on in those little cans?  What are the energy drink caffeine levels really like? Well, it depends on which little can you’re desperately clutching to and sucking down.

Some, like Cocaine Energy Drink, pack in more than twice the amount of caffeine as you’ll find in coffee.  And the issue isn’t only the level of caffeine per serving, but the fact that while people generally sip coffee over a generous period of time, most people ingest a can of Cocaine about as quickly as some others ingest a line of cocaine…

energy-drinks-badMultiply this by two or three (because most people who are into the stronger energy drinks tend not to drink just one) and you are a speeding train racing towards the edge of an overdose.  This, so they say, is as benign as dehydration and as terrifying as seizures.

So they say.

The young football player was determined to have had a preexisting heart condition that caused his unfortunate untimely death.  The verdict is still out on whether the energy drinks served as a trigger.  My bet would most definitely be that they were.

Because for every extreme incident like this, there are dozens of people complaining of heart palpitations, dizziness, insomnia, panic, anxiety, ulcers, cardiac arrhythmia, high blood pressure and headaches.

So what does this mean for you?

Ask yourself this:

Have you experienced the most common symptoms of caffeine addiction?  Sleepiness?  Feeling overtired when you really shouldn’t?  Exhaustion?  That big huge crash?

If so, then you’ve experienced firsthand that yes, energy drinks can indeed be bad for you.

Moderation might be something to consider.

Or consider the plenty of healthy energy drinks that are available these days like FRS Healthy Energy.

And please, if you are someone who has heart problems of any kind, avoid those high caffeine energy drinks.  Better safe.