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Going Green with Solar Energy

09 Jan Posted by in Tweet Posts | Comments
by poolie

Going Green with Solar Energy

Going Green with Solar Energy

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Home Page > Home Improvement > DIY > Going Green with Solar Energy

Going Green with Solar Energy

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Posted: Dec 28, 2009 |Comments: 0
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Solar Energy is a green way of producing electrical energy. As the source is renewable it is one of the most effective methods to generate power for household as well as commercial uses.

Solar energy can be obtained as two types. These are active and passive energies. Active solar energy is a combination of the heat and light of the sun. The technology involved in this process is same as those photovoltaic cells. These cells convert sunlight into DC electricity. It can be used in any climate if sunlight is available. Active solar energy which uses the photovoltaic cells have very little carbon footprints. This power can be used to create electricity or heat water.

Passive Solar Energy is the energy obtained by the use of only the heat energy from the sun. This direct heat energy can be used to dry out clay bricks, groceries, clothes, and for other day to day activities. Passive solar energy can be utilized well in homes which are constructed in an environment friendly manner. Use of heat absorbing materials in the home keeps the rooms warm and cozy. Ventilating the house properly and installing glass instead of wooden window shields can bring in more sunlight and thus save on electricity bills. Passive Solar Energy also has no carbon footprints.

So you can make use of the solar energy to save on electricity bills as well as live an environment friendly life. To produce active solar energy you will have to install solar panels.

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Energy 4 Earth
About the Author:

The author has been into saving energy from past 5 years and now he invites you to understand how to save energy at home, at his website Renewable Energy 4 Earth. If you save energy, then you indirectly save money apart from reducing expenditures. Read more about the this concept, by visiting the today.


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