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FRS Energy Drink: What Do Elite Athletes and Cancer Patients Have in Common?

27 Sep Posted by in Energy Drinks | 1 comment

FRS Energy Drink.  Yeah, so here’s an energy drink with an unusual story.

When a company sets out to create a new product, there are two paths they can take.

1) Design a product to provide a solution, or
2) Design a product to sell itself.

In other words, they can either create their product with the human being in mind, or create their product with the dollar bill in mind.

With most energy drink companies, it’s pretty obvious which path is the more commonly chosen.

Just a glance at the names alone tells us who they’re marketing towards and what false promise they’re making. We have Rockstar, Pimp Juice, No Fear, Go Girl, Bawls…

Then we have a whole slew of “healthy” energy drinks coming up right behind in this new wave energy drink backlash. We have Verve, XS, ACT…

But their story’s the same.

People started to realize the big energy drink brands were giving them the shakes, so they wished for something healthier. These second wave companies saw the gap in the market and filled it.

So are there any energy drinks out there that chose the first path rather than the second?

Get comfy for this story.

A team of doctors at the Harvard University Dana Faber Cancer Institute once set out to concoct a supplement that would not only fight the fatigue that plagues a cancer patient, but also provide the vitamins and nutrients to boost the immune system and promote better health and recovery.

They combined quercetin, a unique antioxidant found in the skins of apples, grapes, blueberries and onions, with vitamins and metabolic enhancers in a formula that is now patented and heavily researched (and applauded).

When studies emerged from several universities and laboratories showing that these cancer patients were reporting revitalizing boosts in their energy levels, professional athletes caught wind.

FRS Healthy Energy was born. And soon after, it went public.
What is FRS Energy Drink?

FRS Healthy Energy is a laser targeted “Free Radical Scavenger.”  Free radicals are essentially menacing molecules that travel through our system looking for healthy cells to pick on. They damage chromosomes, enzymes, cell membranes and, most importantly, mitochondria.

Mitochondria are the “powerhouses” of our cells, and when they suffer, we feel it in the form of fatigue, decreased mental performance and even accelerated aging.

What those doctors at Harvard did was create a formula that targets these free radicals so as to up the body’s natural mitrochondria production turning the body into a natural powerhouse.

Pretty cool.

Lance Armstrong thought so. But let’s not get sucked into the marketing again…


The latest clinical study on the effects of FRS quercetin proved university workers given FRS daily experience improvements in work performance, concentration, energy levels and motivation compared to those given a non-quercetin placebo.

FRS Energy Drink does not rely on caffeine and sugar and so, has no crash-and-burn side effect.

This company once made a vow to provide a solution for cancer patients. They found it.

But what they didn’t realize was that cancer patients, elite athletes, regular office workers, and everyone else with the occasional 25-hour day have something in common.

We all need a boost.

And that’s how this new energy drink was born. Path one. And now they’ve flown from the hospital to the health shop to the corner store because we’re all starting to catch on.

In fact, the company is so confident that they truly deliver the only effective natural and healthy energy, they’re running a 2-week free trial to let you try it before you decide you want to buy.

Word of warning: this offer seems to be flying off the shelves and they can’t cover the cost of shipping, so they shift that cost over to you.

I wonder if FRS Healthy Energy can surpass all the Red Bulls and Monsters and Rockstars out there because I think the market could stand to be dominated by a company that started with the human being in mind.