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Energy Drinks? Don’t Waste your Resources

16 Nov Posted by in Tweet Posts | Comments

Energy Drinks? Don’t Waste your Resources

Energy Drinks? Don’t Waste your Resources

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Home Page > Health > Energy Drinks? Don’t Waste your Resources

Energy Drinks? Don’t Waste your Resources

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Posted: Feb 03, 2008 |Comments: 0
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Energy Drinks? Don’t Waste your Resources

By: Leeann Simons

About the Author

For more information on becoming At Peace With Food

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Article Source: – Energy Drinks? Don’t Waste your Resources

Copyright (c) 2008 At Peace With Food

One of my many jobs involves teaching nutrition to business students at a nearby college. It is a great job because I get to teach a subject I love, and so I make sure it is a subject THEY love (even if they are there to study business).

Actually, that is only partly true. The truth is that I have a very important chance to teach them how to distinguish nutrition fact from myth and misinformation. Every lecture starts with a personal question about nutrition they wrote on an index card their first class.

I want to tell you about last week?s question. It had to do with what are called ?energy drinks.? You?ve seen them in the stores, on the shelves. You find them in brightly colored bottles containing promises to improve your health, vitality, memory, physical performance.?

That, my friends, is the myth. Let?s talk about the facts.

First, the word ?energy? means ?calories.? And the calories found in these flavored waters is about the same as a soft drink, unless it contains artificial sweeteners. If the beverages contain sugar, then they are correct in calling themselves ?energy drinks.? But we know that is not the type of energy they want you to believe is found in their products.

However, the advertisements make you think that these beverages will improve your mental and physical performance. No scientific evidence, to date, has been found to support these claims.

One reason you may feel more alert after swallowing one of these drinks is because they contain caffeine. An herb called ephedra used to be added to these products, and some people did feel a boost because of this. However, ephedra was found to be a dangerous supplement, people died after consuming the product, and it was removed from the market. Now, however, a different herb, guarana, can be found in drinks making the ?energy? claim. Again, there is no proof for the products? claims, and there may be a danger associated with the herb itself. Unfortunately, the government does not regulate herbal supplements, so the consumer must learn for him/herself.

Many times these “energy” drinks have had vitamins added to them. Again, you must remember, energy means calories! The only reason you may be ?energetic? is from the sugar and/or caffeine that has been added. Vitamins do not contain calories. Yes, we do need vitamins, but our body can only use them when we have actually consumed food. We need vitamins to help our bodies get the energy needed from the foods we eat. When you take vitamins (whether in pill or beverage form) without food, you are wasting both vitamins AND money. Most of the vitamins we consume in excess of what our bodies need are excreted in our urine. It has been said that Americans have the most expensive urine in the world!

There is really only one reason for you to drink these energy beverages, and that is because you like them. As long as you are not at risk for any disease associated with consuming the ?energy? additives (caffeine, guarana), you are probably fine. Just remember- if you think you are getting any special boost to improve your mental and/or physical performance-you are wasting your energy!

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(ArticlesBase SC #323203)

Leeann Simons
About the Author:

For more information on becoming At Peace With Food


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