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energy drinks?

30 Sep Posted by in Tweet Posts | 2 comments

Question by itsme: energy drinks?
I’ve always heard that energy drinks are horrible for you and recently I discovered one I really liked (rockstar), so you can see my dilemna. Why exactly are they so bad for you (specifically the caffeine level etc), and how often is it safe to drink them??

Best answer:

Answer by Chris T
It’s just that the caffeine levels in it isn’t great for you. Go look up any site on excessive consumption of caffeine and you’ll get your answer. As for short term effects, I don’t think you’ll notice anything ”bad” and it’ll do its job by keepin you awake. However, if you become wayy too reliant on it, it’ll no longer work. By then, you might need to down 2.. or 3 rockstars just to achieve that previous alertness you once got from a single can.

If you must, (in my opinion), drink the rockstar without the sugar, the regular one’s loaded with extra carbs that are totally unnecessary.

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