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Do Energy Drinks Have Any Health Concerns?

19 Oct Posted by in Tweet Posts | Comments

Do Energy Drinks Have Any Health Concerns?

One of the more commonly asked questions with regard to energy drinks, especially in the elite health circles, is as to whether the energizing effect associated with the drinks is physiological, or simply psychological. Put in simpler terms, the question is as to whether these drinks only work by making their users ‘feel’ energized, or whether they actually have an effect of increasing energy levels in the body. Incidentally, questions like this are increasingly moving beyond the elite health circles, as more and more ordinary people start expressing an interest in knowing how exactly the various products they use work in their bodies. Ordinary people want to know whether the products they sink their money into are products that give them real value, and also whether they are safe products. These are questions people always had, but with the ease of finding information made possible by tools such as the Internet, it is only now that most can find answers to such questions.

So, is the energizing effect associated with energy drinks simply psychological, or do the drinks actually have a real physiological energizing effect?

Well, the simple answer to that question is that some of the energy drinks only have a psychological energizing effect (which, incidentally, is all that many people really need); whereas some do indeed have a physiological energizing effect.

What ultimately determines the mechanism through which a given energy-drink works is mainly the ingredients that go into the making of the drink.

Where the main active ingredient in an energy drink (the one from which it drives its energizing effect) is something like caffeine, then what we are like to be looking at is an energy drink that works by the psychological mechanism (that is, by simply mentally stimulating and hence making the users feel energized). This can be useful where the user’s real physiological energy levels are okay, but where they are simply feeling that they are lacking in energy – possibly as a result of something like psychological stress and tension. In actual fact, this tends to be the case in most situations. What people like these really need is a psychological stimulant, and that is what an energy drink containing caffeine would be doing for them: relaxing them, and stimulating their minds out of the psychologically depressive state they find themselves in. Take note that there are actually some natural ingredients that can still work by supplying the body with caffeine, these being the likes of guarana and the popular yerba mate, so that when you encounter a natural energy drink with these as the main ingredients, you would know that it is work that works by the psychological energizing mechanism.

On the other hand, where the main ingredient in an energy drink is something like vitamin B complex, or a natural extract such as Ginseng, Ginko Biloba or the Acai berry, what you are likely to be looking at is an energy drink that actually works by increasing physiological energy levels. The end results would be a net increase in the user’s actual physical energy level, rather than just a ‘feeling’ of being energized. What some of the ingredients in most of the energy drinks in this class do is to enhance the body’s metabolism; hence leading to enhanced energy production in the body.

It seems now that the older generations are looking to take vitamin supplements, while younger generations are heavily drinking energy drinks. Eniva Vibe is a great combination of the two, vitamins to satisfy any health nut, and enough energy to give all people a boost!

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