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Can something happen if you drink energy drinks?

19 Oct Posted by in Tweet Posts | 2 comments

Question by it’skristy: Can something happen if you drink energy drinks?
I used to drink my dad’s energy drinks and he gets mad, and my mom said energy drinks aren’t good for me.
And i guess it’s because i’m young but i stopped drinking energy drinks cause i don’t want anything happening to my body. And alot of people from my school drink Monster & etc. But i don’t know if anything happens to them. So tell me if drinking energy drinks might cause you to die or might do something to your body.

Thank youu.

Best answer:

Answer by Tanmayi
Those energy drinks are for old people – people with less energy.
If u drink it it is like drinking coffee or wwaaay too much soda. Your body starts to depend on them and you cant stop drinking them
So don’t!!

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