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Bastardizing Ed Hardy’s Name For A Horrible Energy Drink

07 Dec Posted by in Tweet Posts | Comments

Bastardizing Ed Hardy’s Name For A Horrible Energy Drink

Bastardizing Ed Hardy’s Name For A Horrible Energy Drink

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Home Page > Business > Bastardizing Ed Hardy’s Name For A Horrible Energy Drink

Bastardizing Ed Hardy’s Name For A Horrible Energy Drink

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Posted: Feb 26, 2010 |Comments: 0




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Bastardizing Ed Hardy’s Name For A Horrible Energy Drink

By: yuyun

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Article Source: – Bastardizing Ed Hardy’s Name For A Horrible Energy Drink

I get the use of flash tatoo as a loaded symbol of human emotion BS. But really, the crass merchandising of an art form, any art form is deplorable. It is even more obnoxious when that art form is one about an underground culture – now usurped by mainstream america. When Ed Hardy started tattooing, the whole concept was so counter cultural – so against the mainstream. Hardy had even mentioned once in an interview that “I liked that it couldn’t be commodified.”
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(ArticlesBase SC #1909517)

About the Author:

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