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Are energy drinks bad for you when you have a fever?

15 Feb Posted by in Tweet Posts | 1 comment

Question by Tim: Are energy drinks bad for you when you have a fever?
Energy drinks, completely packed with lots of sugar, vitamins, caffeine, and other nutrients. As of right now im suffering from a fever which I’ve had for several days, would an energy drink possibly help me fight the sickness?

Best answer:

Answer by tribalhysteria
ok so i signed in to answer your question because i was SURE that they were bad for you because of unnecessary chemicals that your body can’t handle while you’re fighting an infection (a fever means you’re fighting a sickness).


i did my research and checked my sources and they are not so bad for you.

caffeine is not good for your body ever really, but there’s not so much of it to greatly affect you unless you drink a ton of it.

taurine is an amino acid that is produced naturally in your body which can actually benefit you most while you’re sick.

gaurana is a natural plant from south africa which contains high amounts of caffeine (still a natural thing and safe in moderation).

ginseng is a healthy herb that increases altertness and energy.

ginko bloba is also a natural herb that helps with memory and concentration.

l-carintine is another safe amino acid which is naturally produced by your body.

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