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A Healthier Alternative In The Mulit-Billion Dollar Energy Drink Industry

13 Oct Posted by in Tweet Posts | Comments

A Healthier Alternative In The Mulit-Billion Dollar Energy Drink Industry

At this relatively early stage of energy drinks in the marketplace.It’s hard not to
notice the flood of stories about energy drinks in the media these days.Energy
drinks have become popular with both teens and adults because of their claim to
increase stamina and mental and athletic performance.Despite their popularity and
the lower-calorie alternatives that are available,questions have been raised
pertaining to energy drinks and their appeal to the younger crowd and their calories
and caffeine content.There have been anecdotal reports of increases in emergency
room visits due to excessive caffeine intake among other and young adults,by combining energy drinks with alcohol. Although the energy drink beverage category is seemingly gaining momentum, there is little research to understand consumption patterns and potential health effects. The conflicting stories have people wondering
about energy drinks. What’s the real deal with energy drinks?Well here’s an alternative! “Crave Energy Drink”CRAVE is dry ingredients that are mixed to ordinary water!Just SHAKE and GO! At 75 cents per serving, it is the most economical energy drink in the market place today!

CRAVE comes with a patented ingredient called V-SWEET!V-SWEET is exclusive
Natural Low Glycemic Peach Fruit Matrix, which is utilized as the base for CRAVE.
This unique Peach fruit base provides glycemic and energy balance, and is essential
in producing a balanced energy drink.Crave is expected to be a big seller among all
age groups because energy drinks are selling at the pace of 20 to 60 Million per
day! Energy drinks are becoming a very big business, but the side effects are not
desirable. Vitamark seems to have taken care of the the crash problem with their new drink.

Vitamark International is a 5 year old nutrition company with other very good
products such as Limu Plus, Appetizer Diet Cookies, a full line of enzyme products
and more. The Crave Energy Drink is expected to boost sales dramatically for
Vitamark and with worldwide affiliation. It is also believed that Crave will be a
huge draw for more people to join Vitamark and make their fortunes by marketing
Crave.Brand New CRAVE Energy Drink was launched in 2007 and is just now catching
attention.Vitamark International release its version of an energy drink called Crave
Energy Drink which is the healthy alternative to the sugar/caffeine laden canned found on the market today.

Crave Energy Drink is more transportable too. Crave Energy Drink is a packet of powder you just pour into a bottle of water shake and drink. Crave will offer 4-6 hours of sustained energy with no side effects.Crave has a great taste and actually has fat burning properties,you will lose weight with Crave!Crave delivers high energy levels and alertness in humans,not by speeding you up, but by keeping you from slowing down.Each time brain cells fire, they product a squirt of a chemical that serves as an off-switch that keeps neutral activitys in check.CRAVE,in effect blocks the chemical,and jams the switch,so it can’t be slown down.This energy-effect can last up to 6 hours.

Put it in thought Crave’s Production of higher energy levels produces THERMOGENESIS in humans.A Thermogenic Agent is one which increases the fat-burning ability of the mitochondria (power plants in the cell), especially in brown adipose tissue (BAT).Thermogenesis decreases with age, which is one reason weight (as excess body fat) is gained as age increases.Thermogenesis is more effective at burning excess body fat than exercise.You will notice the low calories and caffeine content. The sweeteners used are all natural and do not affect blood sugar levels.the healthy alternative to the sugar and caffeine.




I\\’am just your average 57yr.old american citizen,who has spent my life working hard and long hours.I was born in Decatur Al. now am living in Saint Louis Mo for the past 44yrs.Worked 35yrs in manufacturing and spent several yrs driving over the road,I’am between jobs once again in my life.The world is a different place than when I grew up.But a change is in the making.Have also been doing a lot of research in real estate and investing or saling anything I can profit from even on the Internet,it’s not easy you just have to stay at it.Trying to learn this Internet marketing business and I think that going to take some time learning all of the ins and outs,does and don’ts,yet I know the Lord will get me through this somehow and someway,because GOD IS LOVE!Well I’m back writing a little more about myself of whatever comes to my mind.I use to write why I was in school, but that was a very long time ago,and now being between jobs it gives me a little more time to think of what I would like to say.Normally I’d write about whatever came to mind or what I .was thinking of at the moment.So many thoughs comes nowaday setting around all day with nothing else to do but think.I’ll probably add a little more later.

It tasted pretty good
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