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5 Hour Energy – Dangers Of Energy Drinks

17 Nov Posted by in Tweet Posts | Comments

5 Hour Energy – Dangers Of Energy Drinks

5 Hour Energy – Dangers Of Energy Drinks

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Home Page > Health > 5 Hour Energy – Dangers Of Energy Drinks

5 Hour Energy – Dangers Of Energy Drinks

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Posted: Sep 09, 2010 |Comments: 0




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5 Hour Energy – Dangers Of Energy Drinks

By: Gary Otterman

About the Author

For a Healthy Energy Drink For a complete vitamin, mineral and antioxidant formula that not only provides energy but insanely healthy energy visit:

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Article Source: – 5 Hour Energy – Dangers Of Energy Drinks

From convenience stores to office supply centers, the 5 Hour energy shot is popular. The shot promises to provide the energy needed to carry us through the crunch period of the day. Perhaps the shot is also consumed for the wanted punch before taking on the next task. The fact is 5Hour energy is highly accepted and becoming more so every day.

Unlike many of the catchy named competitors like Monster energy drink, the marketing demographic targets multitasking adults. The company expects to deliver over 350 million shots this year. So what are we to think of this energy drink sensation, what are the side effects that we may be exposing ourselves to if we wanted to participate? How healthy are they?

If we turn to health professionals to guide us, there is some information available to provide evidence that taking high doses of B vitamins do have an effect raising energy levels by converting sugars into energy. There are equally no scientific studies available to determine the long-term effect of consuming 8333% the daily value of vitamin B-12, and another 2000% of vitamin B-6 on liver and kidney functions. Flushing high surplus amounts of B vitamins from the body may interfere with other processes the body performs. Health professionals are fuzzy at this point about how effective and safe 5-Hour energy shots are. There are no reports to verify clinically that the combined ingredients are scientifically effective in increasing or sustaining energy levels. 5-Hour Energy then lists another 1870 mg of seven other ingredients titled energy blend. The mixture contains taurine, phenylalanine, tyrosine, citicoline, all amino acids the body naturally produce. Malic acid is naturally found in food; glucuronolactone produced by the liver, is a byproduct of glucose. These naturally occurring compounds taken at high levels leave us in uncharted waters and off the map of what medical science can advise us.

Professionals then turn to point the finger at the caffeine. We all know the buzz word, by experience have you downed one of these shots, something more than the just 80 mg of caffeine is in play. A single 16 oz cup of Starbuck’s coffee contains 225 mg of caffeine. From experience and that of millions of other users, this little shot of 5-Hour Energy packs quite a punch and out lasts the energy derived from drinking coffee. The counters and cash registers can attest to that as the shots fly out the door.

The benefit is a boost of energy; a healthy boost is what is in question? The risk is use 5 Hour Energy at your own discretion. There are no studies available to determine side effects. The medical community at this point just does not know, so they do not say. There are genuine concerns when it comes to energy drinks and safety. With manufactures focusing on energy, we hope they did not miss the mark in providing healthy energy.

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(ArticlesBase SC #3233967)

Gary Otterman
About the Author:

For a Healthy Energy Drink For a complete vitamin, mineral and antioxidant formula that not only provides energy but insanely healthy energy visit:


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